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Use Your Website to Increase Ticket Sales: Concert Promoters

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Although this article is aimed at concert promoters, the ideas can be applied to all event promoters. Follow this blog for future tips on promoting your events – whatever they are.

If you want to increase your ticket sales, why not try one or more of the following:

  1. Add a BUY TICKETS button or link in a prominent place on your homepage
  2. Share links with concert performers. Put a link to their website on yours and ask them to return the favour
  3. Get a link to your events through free listings websites

    a) For concerts try:

    b) Also try geographical listings sites e.g.:

  4. Include your website on publicity and in adverts/press you send to the local papers and radio stations
  5. See if you sponsors and other stakeholders will put a link to your website on theirs
  6. Publicise the Oxboffice Ticket Sales Hotline number for customers you know might prefer to phone for tickets: 0845 680 1926

Promoters who have tried some of these ideas see increased traffic to their website. In turn, Oxboffice has seen an increase in sales for these promoters.


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