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What the statistics say about your customers

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Can you learn anything form the data we pick up about your customers’ booking habits?
Here are some stats for you which may be useful:

1. 75% of customers book their tickets online.
2. 81% of customers book e-tickets on 19% by paper tickets.
3. Customers but on average 2 tickets per transaction.
4. 51% of customers agree to using their contact details for marketing.

What can you learn from this?

  • Make sure your website is prominently advertised on all your event publicity.
  • Promote your website across the web, not just on posters and flyers.
  • Make sure your book online links from your website stand out.
  • Close the box office as late as you can by using e-tickets
  • Make use of the marketing data we give you and encourage people to join your mailing list / Facebook group etc…


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