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Spell-bound audiences at Music in the Abbey

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Music in the Abbey

The Orchestra of St John’s annual music festival in the beautiful setting of Dorchester Abbey, Dorchester on Thames, was as ever a feast for the senses!

Music from the Fibonacci Sequence Chamber Ensemble included best loved chamber music favourites (Mendelssohn’s Konzerstuck resounded for me as it’s a piece I learnt at school!).

Rising stars from the Birmingham Conservatoire were superb in their delivery and very impressive in their musicianship and professionalism. The audience gave great feedback.

OSJ performed Beethoven’s 7th Symphony to a crowd who thought they knew it but who’s eyes and ears were opened to the unique and daring interpretation by Musical Director, John Lubbock. Springs in steps everywhere as people left for the journey home.

The festival culminated in the traditional concert by OSJ and OSJ Voices who this year performed Faure’s Requiem so sublimely that you could see people didn’t want to leave!

We took some photos of the beautiful Abbey on the iPhone (view)

OSJ perform Christmas Music by Candlelight in the Abbey on 12 December. Click here for more info and to book.


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