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Promoter Interview – The Old Joint Stock Theatre

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LogoOJSTWe interviewed Ian from the Old Joint Stock Theatre and here’s what he had to say:

What’s the best thing about the Old Joint Stock Theatre?

You can see new and emerging talent both on the stage and in the writing. We had Imelda May perform at the Theatre before she hit the big time!

Which is your favourite event you have had in the OJST and why?

Difficult to choose one as there are so many that I could pick and it would be unfair to those that I left out.

If you could have anyone performing at the OJST who would it be and why?

On the comedy side it would be Ken Dodd (because he is one of the best entertainers this country has ever seen), but the pub would have to have an extension to the licence as he does go on. On the acting side I’d love to have Dame Diana Rigg perform at the venue because I once acted with her when I was a professional actor and I’d love to work with her again on my home patch.

What’s the most bizarre (clean!) thing you’ve heard an audience person say?

Where do I start? The public are unintentionally funny with some of their remarks; like the lady who thought she would be walking into a 3 tier Victorian Theatre and was disappointed to find a small studio space instead and just said witheringly ‘Oh!’


I don’t like this (theatre) there is no scenery. I only like theatres that have scenery.

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