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Anticlash diary success

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Oxboffice has developed a free anticlash facility for groups of promoters. We’d like to thank the Warwick District Music Promoters Forum who have piloted and tested it with us. Now, all the members of this group login to Oxboffice to upload their events to the diary. The events are then automatically added to local listings websites.

Lots of towns like Warwick have a wonderful cultural scene and we know how important it is for groups to maximise their potential audiences by programming their events in colaboration with other organisations.

So, now that we have established that our Anti-clash facility works and that the WDMPF uses it to regularly keep up to date with each other and to to automatically update listings sites, we think other promoters might find it useful.

How does it work?

  • A group of event promoters comes together under a group name
  • Each promoting organisation of the group is given a login
  • They are all given access to an anticlash diary which only the members of this particular group can view
  • Promoters add their events to it
  • They all share the diary and avoid clashes for the audiences
  • If they want to sell tickets online through Oxboffice they can. No further hassle.

It’s completely free.

Let us know if you want to find out more: sales@oxboffice.com or reply to this post.

View the Warwick District Music Promoters Forum Anticlash diary here


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