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Promoter Interview – Nordic Noir

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We asked the popular UCL Scandinavian Studies Department book club for some tips on how they manage to increase their audiences and retain high audience numbers:

What marketing does Nordic Noir think is most effective for getting new audiences?

Word of mouth, and – in particular – social media (notably Twitter) have recently proved successful in gaining new audiences.  A recent event was promoted almost exclusively on Twitter, and was a sell-out.  We have also designed promotional bookmarks with links to our website and social media sites.  We have recently launched a spin-off Reading Group, which attracts a number of keen Nordic Noir fans.

How do you retain existing ones?

Regular mailings, one-off competitions, details of Nordic Noir-organised events as well as other events of interest to this audience.

What is at the top of your marketing schedule when you decide to promote an event?

Ensuring that as many people are notified as possible – usually via our mailing list and via social media updates.  We have previously displayed promotional bookmarks at local bookshops and cafés.

Do you do any marketing for future events at your events? If so, what do you do/say?

Yes, we have recently promoted the UCL Scandinavian Studies Department’s forthcoming ‘Language Diversity in the Nordic Countries and the UK (Witness Seminar and Postgraduate Workshop)’ event, both with flyers and a mention during an event.

Have you any tips for our other promoters for encouraging customers to book online?

Making the link to your site quick and easy to find, ensuring that the cost of the ticket is reasonably-priced, to encourage people to reserve places.

Further information about the Nordic Noir Book Club can be found here

Follow them on Twitter here.


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